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MindTechSourcing, integrating AI with human potential.

We transform CX by integrating services with technology and delivering remarkable experiences to your users


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Discover the ecosystem of intelligent digital solutions.

to make your operation more productive.


We integrate intelligence with human potential.

Unlock your potential

Intelligent services, more human solutions.

Take advantage of the power of empathy and human experience to support your service strategies.

Human 2 Human​

We understand the power of authentic human interaction; we connect with your users to look outstanding results.


Our services harness the latest technologies and AI algorithms to propel your business towards new horizons. From process automation to advanced data analysis, our approach maximizes efficiency and intelligent decision-making.

Actionable Insights

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the sector, we use information to understand the key factors driving effective operation management.

Specialized quality services.

For every industry sector.

Service experience and transformation expertise across diverse industry sectors.

We are when your customers demands attention

Enhance your interactions with our specialized telecommunications services: ensure efficient attention, personalize the user experience, and optimize business operations. We provide agile solutions in customer service and support. 

We are when your affiliates look for an accurate response

Enhance operational efficiency, provide patient-centered and humanized care, and ensure data privacy. We are knowledgeable and compliant with healthcare regulations and standards. Explore our range of innovative healthcare services. 

We are when your customers look new experiences, effective tracking, and monitoring!

Streamline your operations with our services focused on the transportation and logistics industry. Optimize operational efficiency, manage the supply chain efficiently and securely, ensuring end customer satisfaction. Consult, track, monitor, and handle all the necessary back-office tasks for your operation. 

We are here when your customers need quality support and technology!

Increase your sales and build customer loyalty with TechServices designed for the Consumer Electronics sector. Provide efficient support for your operations and enhance the shopping experience. Offer personalized assistance, manage inquiries, and handle complaints effectively. 

Ensure well-being, accessibility, and optimal service for your users!

We provide critical service through specialized solutions in public services. Effective support, management, and optimization of operations ensuring service continuity. Handling procedures, inquiries, and immediate communication with your users.

We support and ensure the trust of your customers!

Enhance your users' experience through operational efficiency, management, and optimization of your business operations. We comply with current regulations to ensure your customers' trust. Handling inquiries, transactions, and financial advice while always maintaining the security of your information. 

Furthermore, we streamline claims management, inquiries, and policies, providing immediate and efficient responses. Timely assistance, 24/7 availability, insurance sales. 

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